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Your complete Houseboat Specialists. We can help you build, renovate or maintain your ideal houseboat to meet your needs and budget, just call (03) 5774 2705. Or if you’re interested in buying, selling or upgrading your houseboat, then please phone our sales team on (03) 5774 2702.


We have also secured space at the Eildon Boat Club sheds and will be completing renovations and refurbishments after Easter 2017 from there.

Another Successful Launch ……..

Anchorage Staff, the owners and Lake Eildon Marina successful launched our newest Custom Elite Houseboat into the lake. We congratulate our fantastic staff and the owners on putting together another beautiful 60ft houseboat.

DSC_2024 DSC_2027 DSC_2048





Whats happening in our sheds ……..

Here are some photos of the pontoons and floor joists put together for two of our new Elite boats. They have also put on the first floor roofs and started the interior walls. Fibreglassing the hardtops for both boats has also nearly been completed. 




Elite 60ft Houseboat launched in November 2016 …….

Two weeks after St Tropez was launched, Anchorage Staff assisted the owners in launching one of their “Infinity series” Houseboats completed on time. We also have secured two new Elite 60ft builds to begin at the start of the new year.

dsc_1256 dsc_1266 dsc_1302 dsc_1315





If your thinking about building a new houseboat, you can check out our Houseboat Proposals under ‘New Houseboats’. Here are some our new Houseboat Designs for the Classic and Elite Series, with more pics on our proposal pages. 


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The Anchorage Sales Team can assist you if you’re looking to sell or buy a second hand boat. Phil, Jacinta and Melanie are the people to talk to in assisting with your purchase or inquiry with second hand boats. You can find all our listings under our ‘Houseboat Sales’ page. So call us today on 5774 2702 or you can email us at sales@ahboats.com.au.